December 21, 2022 :


– The Crimean Peninsula is strategically important for NATO
– Shell, TotalEnergies, Eni and Repsol made 77.9 billion euros
in profits between January and September 2022
– 636 fossil fuel lobbyists at COP27
– 2/3 of Hungarian voters do not agree
with the EU’s 1.5 billion monthly financial aid to Ukraine
– All sorts of special interests
are pushing anti-boycott laws to stifle protest against them
– United States’ military buildup on Greek islands
– Biden Administration condemns UN Human Rights report
– New report details relationship
between retired US military officials and the UAE
– French Company fined ( by Brooklyn federal court )
$778 million for Aiding Islamic State
– Erdogan publicly announced interest in joining the SCO
Italy ranks first among countries in Europe
for the presence of mafia-style groups