December 22, 2022 :


– Denmark : the number of young LGBT people has grown significantly
– The DHS annual budget ballooned
from $19.5 billion in 2002 to almost $100 billion in 2023
– 96% of U.S. House races won by the biggest spender
– U.S. defense sector spent $101 million on lobbying
during the first three quarters of 2022
– Ecuador prison quietly released top Albanian cocaine kingpin
– Apple is beginning to move out of China
French oil company sued over environmental damage in the DRC
– Case of French corruption in Togo : next step in judicial proceedings
– French construction giant under judicial investigation
for its construction sites in Qatar
– Condemnation of Rifaat al-Assad
for money laundering and embezzlement confirmed by French Supreme Court
– Components of more than 30 Western companies found in Iranian drones