December 25, 2022 :


Space Force requested $24.5 billion in FY2023,
up from its FY2022 request of $17.5 billion
– England and Wales : 8.7 % of 16- to 24-year-olds
reported using nitrous oxide in the last 12 months
– China : disparity in treatment of internal versus external drug crimes
– The ‘Ndrangheta have made the Italian port of Gioia Tauro crucial
to their European cocaine empire by controlling it with corruption and threats
– Elements of the Syrian government are key drivers of the captagon trade
– China and Russia produce over 75%
of global supply of antimony — used to harden lead alloys for bullets
– The Vatican has extended a controversial treaty with the PRC
– The absence of FDI screening mechanisms in individual EU member states
represents a vulnerability for the single market