October 11, 2022 :


– Migrants in private aircrafts, with false diplomatic passports
– Suspect arrested in the Netherlands
for circumventing EU trade sanctions against Russia
– More than EUR 8 million in fake 500 euro bills
printed in three months in Spain

– Iran is expected to become a full-fledged member of the SCO
during the 2023 India’s chairmanship
– Britain, France and Australia possess the best capabilities
to defend their claimed Antarctic territories in the event of war
– Institutional corruption
may have resulted in suboptimal supplies to Russian troops

– FBI and MI5 directors have made an unprecedented joint appearance
– New defence innovations
promise to undermine the logic and utility of nuclear weapons

– War in Ukraine: the first deepfake-supported conflict
26 percent of global exports could potentially be relo­cated
in the next five years

– Upcoming German defence budget :
second in NATO —  and higher than Russia’s